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Databases can be complex, disastrous things. Not every database admin, developer, or analyst has the time to learn the ins and outs of a database in order to just do their work. To make things worse, few products and fewer free options exist to help present databases in a human readable format.

sp_doc's goal is to generate on the fly database documentation in Github Flavor Markdown (GFM). This means you now have a free and extensible self-documenting database! By building the tool in T-SQL the documenting process can remain simple, secure, and help avoid red tape that third party applications and services often require.

It documents:


The primary parameter for this procedure is a database name, since the primary scenario for this is to be included in a utility or system database:

>    EXEC dbo.sp_doc @DatabaseName = 'WideWorldImporters'

An alternative key for extended property values can also be specified to override the default of Description:

>    EXEC dbo.sp_doc @DatabaseName = 'WideWorldImporters', @ExtendedPropertyName = 'MS_Description';

To prevent data truncation, unwanted headers, etc. it should be called via sqlcmd, outputting directly to a file:

    sqlcmd -S localhost -d master -Q "exec sp_doc @DatabaseName = 'WideWorldImporters';" -o -y 0


Output for the WideWorldImporters database.

Note: Slight changes may be made to this database to better demo script capabilities.


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